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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Father and Daughter

It's nobody's guess as who's Amber's favourite when they see the family together. My little girl sticks to her father like glue and it's always papa who makes her smile and laugh. Papa speaks to her in mother tongue and he's darn proud when Amber speaks Hinghwa. Papa proudly tells everyone Amber is a Hinghwa mui and can even speak well too.

When I discipline Amber, sometimes with a cane if it's necassary, she'll hate me with no end and asks me to go away. When hubs discipline her, she'll wail till no end, tears of a broken heart more than anything else.

They enjoy doing little things like feeding the fishes together, a father daughter activity I don't partake.

They were supposed to share the same birthday, doctor wanted to induce her on hubs birthday, but when he found out about hubs b'day, he said to do it 2 days early, he'd rather father n daugther not share the same birthday (for whatever reason, I don't know). Even then, Amber was born a day later so their birthday is only a day apart. Hubs proudly tells everyone that father and daughter's birthday is only a day apart.

When Amber was born till she was about 4 months old, it was hubs who swaddled her every night and rocked her to sleep. Sometimes, Amber will even sleep in papa's arm watching tv together. In the early months after the confinement lady left, I was taking care of Amber alone and was a nervous wreck. Bathing her was my biggest concern, I could not handle a slippery newborn in water. I waited for hubs to come back from work and we'll both give her a bath with hubs holding her and me, soaping and washing her.

When Amber had bad eczema and was weeping all over, I was afraid to touch her. It was hubs who applied cream and medication for her.

When Amber had a bad fall and lost her tooth, hubs was hurt and I could sense he was upset with me, not because it was my fault but only because he had nowhere else to place his anger for that accident to happen right before my very eyes.

Last week hubs went for a jog after work, he passed by the babysitter's house and called out for Amber. When Amber heard him, she quickly ran out with joy and shouted to the other kids :

My Papa Is Here ! My Papa Is Here !

When hubs told her Papa is just dropping by and Mama will fetch her later, her expression of joy turned to disappointment. It broke hubs heart to see her disappointment.

When hubs put Amber to sleep, she will hold his hand till she falls asleep.

I am thankful for a husband who loves his family and partakes in all his daugther's activities and I am thankful for a lovely girl who clings to us like glue. She's our one and only...