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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vegetarian Fast Food Center

Where I work, it's almost impossible to get non-halal food, it's either mamaks or food courts as there's no coffee shop anywhere nearby unless we drive out of the office. So, for a quick lunch, hubs and I like to go to the temple nearby, next to Wisma MCA. There's a canteen in the temple serving fast, quick and HEALTHY vegetarian food. They use minimal oil or salt in their cooking and yet tastes good.

They use sea salt and brown sugar and no MSG !!

For hubs, plate piled full for RM4 and for me, 3 dish & rice for RM2.80

Vegetarian Fast Food Center , 161 Jalan Ampang.
Monday - Fridays
Lunch from 11am - 2.30pm.
*Free Breakfast 7.30am - 9.00am
On the eve of every 1st & 15th day of the Lunar Calendar, there'll be steamed vegetarian char siew paus for sale around lunch time and on every 1st and 15th, free vegetarian lunch is served but it's only polite to give a little donation to the temple fund in return for the free food*.