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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unwinding At Home

We put the Amber to bed early last night and she fell asleep pretty early, abt 10pm. That means we have more time to do our stuff, catch up on emails, read papers or watch tv.

Hubs wanted to try a new wine we bought couple of months ago. I am really not up to it as I've to wake up early the next day but I promised him 2 glass. I have to be sporting right ? In fact, I knocked out after the first glass, watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kinda boring already coz Jon & Kate was already quite cold towards each other.

Anyway, back to our 'nocturnal sins', I made a platter to go with wine :

Matured cheddar, cheese crackers and olives :

2 glasses and a wine. Not exactly a romantic evening, 'lou fu lou chai already ya?' We had wine and the bits and while hubs was clearing his inbox, I curled up watching tv. LOL !!!

On a closer look :

My review : Easy wine, mediocre but balanced level of fruitiness, spiciness and oak aroma. Perfect for a late night craving for wine. No need to breath or decipher the notes !