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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Pain ! So Pain !

Those were her cries, late at night.

The HFM caught up with her and started with ong BIG ulcer on the tip of her tongue. As big as a red bean, and not the small ones like mung bean size but as big as those Japanese adzuki read beans. I can't see what's inside her mouth, she refuse to cooperate but it's the tongue that hurts most. She kept crying 'So Pain!' 'My tongue PAIN' !! throughout the night.

Her fever hovering around 38 - 38.6 celcius, is under control with Progesic.

She refused any mouth wash and Oral Aid. **sigh**
Her breath smells rotten !

Her hands started blistering yesterday, I applied calamine and Dettol antiseptic creamto reduce the itchiness.

For the past 2 days, she's been waking up in pain and crying, throwing tantrums, cannot this, cannot that, don't want this, don't want thats.

Hubs and me can't do much to help but join her in her misery while both of us are trying so hard to squeeze in some sleep.

I have training to attend and most of the time I'm uncooperative and away in la la land. I'm so darn sleepy.. Y'day she was wailing from 1.30am - 4.30am.

Luckily, Por Por, her previous nanny, can help us for a few days and she spoils Amber rotten. Amber is very cooperative and listens to Por Por, takes medicine diligently, takes porridge and milk on time but bugs Por Por till no end. She refuses Kakak and wants Por Por to take her to toilet, to bath her, to feed her and to 'everything' her. When Kong Kong came home y'day evening, Amber only wants Kong Kong to carry her and sat on his lap while watching Little Nyonya. Although Amber stopped going to Por Por's since last December, she's still very attached to them. They sayang her very much and my girl is still very attached to Por Por's family.

After this ordeal is over, I must thank Por Por for taking you in these few days. Maybe a nice dinner ?

Poor Amber, if only I had a magic wand and zap the ulcers over to me, then you don't need to suffer, my little baby..