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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Evening at Taman Tun Park

I've heard of the Taman Tun Park and by chance, Sharon's dad invited us for a jog there. The hubs jog while the mums and kids lepak.

It was a breeze for us to get there, take DUKE , then Penchala Link, we were in less than 30 mins. We walked around the park and the highlight was the little stream running across it. Playing with water is Amber's favourite and she wasn't even keen on the playground then.

Here's my little girl burying her feet in the sand.

and then her hands.. step by step, in less than 5 minutes, she was all wet.

I love to see her happy, while I just relax by the stream and take photos.

Another girl had a set of pails and shovels. Amber 'eyed' them and made friends with the girl to share her toys. Amber's a real socialbird, not afraid or shy of strangers, a trait she inherited from hubs. Sharon was initially afraid of getting in to the water, joined them later. She couldn't resist the fun.

Hubs got us ice cream and here she's mad at me for having her ice cream. GIMME BACK MY ICE CREAM !!! LOL !! I told hubs not to buy mine, I'll share with Amber but she wanted all of it. I was like a greedy Mama fighting with a 3 yr old over ice cream .

Dirty and wet all over.. but what the heck, everyone had fun

Sunset and getting dark, she still don't want to leave.

As long as she's happy, we are happy.

I'm glad to have a found someone living close to us to share weekend activities with. Most of my friend lives across town, getting together with the kids is a chore. Sharon & Amber goes to the same childminder and we look forward to more kiddie activities together.

We left the park with hungry tummies. As we were sweaty and tired, hawker food is a good choice. Sharon's dad took us to Seksyen 17 hawker center. I'm total lost with PJ and anywhere, anyplace is new to me.
I thought prices at PJ is higher than other suburbs but I was surprised, we ordered 2 tong sui for only RM2.80 (very big bowl too !):
Longan with snow fungus and black glutinuos rice desert :

One stall worth the ringgit and calories is this :

Similiar to fried kuey teow but Hakka fried mee use wantan mee instead of kuey teow. Generous portion and laden with 'chee yau char' too !!!!
Since I've burnt some calories sweating it out at the park, I allowed myself something sinful.
My good friend, my ex neighbour, an elderly lady in her 70's told me "Well, we are all entitled to ONE bad food day per week" She's absolutely RIGHT !!!!!!!!
I so look forward to weekends now, with parks and outdoor activities for her :)