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Friday, July 17, 2009

HFM on the rise

Today we are stuck. One of the kids at childminder's caught Hand Foot and Mouth and we've been advised to keep our little away until they disinfect the place.

I called Amber's previous babysitter for help. She's ever so nice and ever so willing to have Amber over to play with but today, she has a lunch appointment. So how ? We tagged her along to office, brought her Playdoh and other stuff.

As I'm typing, she's chattering Mama this.. Mama that.. Mama this and that... Bugging us till no end.

Hubs said : Keep quiet ! Cannot talk so much in the office. Papa Mama have to work.

I give her things to keep her busy but nothing keeps her excited for more than 5 minutes, from pencils, papers, punchers, brochures.. arrghhh !!!!! She wants to touch, feel, play everything in my office.

Amber, oh Amber ! Don't be in a hurry to work in an office okay ? Once you get to working life, you are stuck !

Miss Little But LOUD !

She's making cake for me but Playdoh only lasted 5 minutes.