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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Potato Art !

I've told her we'd do potato prints the next time. She had no idea what it was but kept pestering me. So, okay, with a promise to finish her lunch, I set up the whole thing (table, chair, paint colors, brushes, etc etc etc) and make prints on the potatoes. This is when the few bento stuff I bought earlier (but hardly bento-ed) came in handy.

Dressed up in her plastic jacket, she was ready for fun and MESS !

I sacrificed 1 potato. Cut to half, one side heart, the other moon. Cookie cutters are so handy, in my school days, all we had was crossess and squares !

With a little guidance, the artpiece was quite nice actually.

I left her on her own and enjoyed my Sunday papers and coffee (and snapping some photos in between)

Then, she was exceptionally quiet and I found her at this :

Wah... admiring her own 'artwork' :

Then she attempts 'nail printing'

Very contented with her 'artwork'

That's it. Done !! Time to do the toenails !!!
I enjoy moments like these, just observe her and wonder what's on a 3 year old's mind while she painted her nails. She's always badgering me for nail polish and lipsticks. Luckily she didn't paint her lips. LOL !!!!