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Friday, July 3, 2009

Painting Activities For The Little Girl

I bought a paint set for Amber quite some time ago, in one of those trips we were back to Tampin but kept it away. You know how it's like lar .. getting messed up with paint all over. I also bought a plastic bib from Ikea, big enough to wear as a shirt and to keep her paint from getting to her shirts.

She asked me : Mama ... where is the painting ah ?

What paint ?

Neh, that one ar .. paint ar... got colour ...Mama buy for me.. you remember or not ???

Of course I remember, I was just too lazy to prop it up for her.

Okay, since it was a weekend and I have nothing up, I setup a table for her outdoors, squeeze out the color tubes and let her have fun!!

First she starts with blue..

Then she mushed up ALL the colors. I like this picture, showing her skinny legs :

Then Papa came to help and taught her how to paint a 'flower'
Painting kept her busy for hours while I cooked lunch.
If I'm in the mood this weekend, we'll do potato prints. I so remember those moments in Primary School. Arts was my favourite subject even though I was lousy at it.. hahaha...