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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nasi Goreng Homestyle

Here's what I cooked for dinner today :

Fried rice with fried chicken wings and fresh tomatoes.

Here's what I did for a healthier and tastier version :

Chilli Infused Olive Oil for my fried rice. Yummy and zesty !

Fry garlic and salt with olive oil, add lots of vege (I used long beans) and then leftover rice, fry for 5 minutes, push rice to the sides and add a little more oil ,then beaten eggs, stir till egg is almost cooked and mix in the rice.. fry for another 5 minutes to the rice is literally 'hopping from the wok' , then you know it's done enough !

For the chicken wings, marinate with shrimp paste. Here's how it looks like :

Stinks like nothing you can imagine but taste heavenly !!!

I used 2 tablespoons for 20 chicken wings, add 2 tablespoon of sesame oil too.
I've left the wings marinated and frozen for a couple of days. When you need to cook, defrost it, knock an egg in and add 80% 'Kentucky' or all purpose frying flour and 20% tapioca flour.
Don't coat with too much or undercoat the chicken. Coating has to be sufficient to seal in the juices otherwise you'll end up with dry chicken meat or too much flour.

The chicken, naked :

Chicken, done and finger licking good !!

Since I'm on a mission to lose weight and stay fit, I only had 2 spoons of rice, 3 wings and lotsa fresh tomatoes. Hehehe ... If I can't stop myself from eating, I have to control the composition and stay off carbs right ?