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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homemade Meen Hoon Kueh (Pan Meen)

I've been having smaller meals and soft food lately. My CT scan doesn't show anything but I'm still getting spasms on my tummy area but in lesser and milder attacks. Doctor can't pinpoint the cause, so I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed my tummy tum tum will return to normal soon.

Last Sunday, I craved for pan meen and decided to make some homestyle ones, just like my mom's 'meen hoon kueh'. Nobody at home likes meen hoon kueh like mom and me do so we only make is during school holidays when there's only both of us at home. Sometimes mom will use a bottle to 'giling' the dough flat but I found a solution to have a stretchier dough, I added some 'oil' to dough mixture.

Here's my Sunday lunch project :

First, I stir fried some minced pork and garlic with salt, soya sauce and fish sauce :

Then the most important ingredient, crunchy ikan bilis, just a handful, washed, panfried in little oil and use towel to absorb the access oil.

Boil a pot of ikan bilis stock with big onions, strain and made the dough with flour, eggs, 1 tablespoon of oil and just enough water to make the dough stretchy.
Soak a couple of mushrooms till soften. slice thinly.
I didn't use my hands like the old times. I was just too lazy. I used my cake mixer attaching the dough hook. Saves me the icky sticky hand feeling.
Stretch and tear small portions of the dough in small pieces into boiling water to cook. This is how traditional 'meen hoon kueh' it's done.
Add cooked meen hoon kueh to another pot with boiling stock, add spinach, mushrooms, once all is boiling hot, serve in bowl garnished with minced pork and ikan bilis.
Tadaa !!! Homemade meen hoon kueh :

It's really a hassle to cook it yourself especially so when only for 3 person (hubs, maid and me) but I was craving for the pieces of meen hoon kueh, the inconsistent thickness from stretching and tearing by hand. Just like the way my mom makes it.
On a side note, I did suffer another cramp after lunch, I suspect it was ikan bilis I couldn't digest.