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Monday, July 27, 2009

Recovering from HFMD

Amber is a lot better now, if not, fully recovered
Her blisters has dried up and I can't see anymore ulcers in her mouth

Back to her usual meals of rice, noodle, porridge and milk but persistent cough still there for almost a month.

I've tried Rhinatoil Promethazine and Woods and can't see any improvements. I'm trying pearl powder, hopefully it works on her.

She's extremely temperamental and tantrumental after HFMD. Annie told me kids are more naughty after recovering from fever or illness and I'm beginning to believe her. Hubs thinks it was the after effect of HFMD, she expects the pampering and giving in to her.

Her bedtime's been stretched to past 11pm. She just don't want to sleep. That makes Mama very tired , falling asleep on and off while putting her to bed and then waking up again to read newspapers or watch Bloomberg. I haven't had time to watch Little Nyonya. Bless my colleague who loaned me the dvds.

Just last night, she complained 'backside itchy' during bedtime, I reached for calamine and accidentally hit her eye when I turned back. She cried and cried. When the episode's over, I put her to bed and went over to study room to surf the net. Then suddenly she wake up crying, wanting Papa and "angry" with me.. She shouted "I don't want you! I beat you! I beat you! You go away ! I want Papa !"

I was shocked, she wants to beat me ? Why? Amber, why ?? You want to beat Mama ?

Mama is too tired to reason with you and Papa came to help.

Papa carried her and whispered to her softly :

Why you don't want Mama ?
If there's no Mama, nobody will brush your teeth
Nobody to wash your bum bum
Nobody to clean your ears
Nobody to wash your hair, blow dry your hair, tie your hair
Nobody to kiss and hug you
Nobody to smell your nggg nggg (poo poo)

and the list goes on....

Then she whispered :

Sorry Mama ! and kissed me..

Haih.. my little girl, why is there so much anger in you ? Mama want to see you HAPPY EVERYDAY ok ??