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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Cheekier - One Level Up !

I did mention about Amber's crying episode at Sharon & Ya Ya's bday party where she refused to leave, clutching Sharon's bday present.

Few days later, Huey (my friend and also childminder's sister) caught up with Amber in the evening when we were late to pick her up. Huey loves kids and enjoy teasing Amber. She asked Amber why she cried at the birthday party and teased her.

You know what Amber said ?

Wor 'JIA jia' der.. no tears one

I had a good laugh when Huey told me. Amber knows what is 'JIA jia' (pretend). Sei mou ?

She admits 'pretending' to cry.
I confronted her and she just smiled coyly !

My little fart is very cheeky huh ?