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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Efficient Jabatan Imigresen

1992 - First time applying Restricted Passport to Singapore at Jabatan Imigresen at Damansara Heights (the only immigration office available then). High anxiety ! Got to take 1 day leave, take taxi there 7 early 8 early, at 6am and only to be greeted by touts. If lucky, can get a queue 'number', if not, sorry come back another day (take leave and go through the whole cycle again).
Wait for counter barrier to open. This is the best part. Your pushing skills come in handy. Don't be timid, otherwise you'll be pushed to the back and may not get a 'nombor'. Limited passports issued in a day, probably due to lack of manpower ???

1995 - First International Passport Application. Same process as above. This time luckier,
no need to apply leave, company allow time off to apply passport because got to travel for
company purposes. Took me one whole day to apply and waited for a few days to collect . Can't remember if I used those touts or not. My company was very nice, everything also can claim, taxi fare, touts and even tips !!!

1995 - 2000 Renewals.. Go to Wilayah Complex to renew. Less queue but afraid of
pickpocketers in that dingy building. 2 trips, one to submit and another to collect.

2004 - Renewal again. This time, easy peasy, get ready cash, photo and plonk everything into
the easy kiosk. Come back in 2 days to collect

2009 - Renewal. EASY PEASY.
9am - have breakfast in office, read papers
9.45am - leave for Immigrations at Taman Sri Rampai
10am - Arrive, pay parking, take form, take photo & photocopy IC (RM8.40),
10.15am - Take queue number, short interview with Officer processing my application :
Cik, Nak ke mana ?
Err. Saya nak pergi Singapore
Kenapa ?
Singapore Sales lah ...
Oh.. ok !
10.30am- Call my number to make RM300 payment
10.59am- Call my number again to collect PASSPORT !!!

Done in 1 hour !! Can you believe that ? They even gave me 5 years ++ validity. My new passport is valid from date of current expiry, unlike those days where renewal validity is 5 years from date of renewal. I also save on double trips and countless hours sitting at mamak stalls waiting for my number to be called. And no more 'agents' stalking me with offers of 'speedier processing'

Thumbs up to Jabatan Imigresen Taman Sri Rampai Setapak !!!