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Friday, July 3, 2009

DISCIPLINE !!!!!!!!!!!

She really had it from me. She was at her car seat and suddenly I heard a ripping sound !

Turned around and saw her happily tearing her book. I was MAD !!!!

Why did you tear your book ?


The moment I reached home, I took her out of her car seat to stand on the floor.


I smacked her buttocks, a couple of times.

She cried wailing !

Actually, I wasn't that mad with her but I want to make sure she learns lesson. I never have the upper hand in disciplining her and this time hubs is not around, I'M THE BOSS !!!

Like it or not, no one to run to, no legs to cling to except MINE !

She cried and wailed and refused to say sorry and peed on the floor (probably to scared and was screaming and crying anyway)

I smacked her some more for not saying sorry (Actually, my heart also ached, but I want to make sure she learns her lesson)

I did not want to talk or smile at her. I put on a very very ANGRY face !

When situation calmed down, I changed a pyjamas to put her to bed, I looked at her in the eye and said "AMBER ! LOOK AT MAMA IN THE EYE , NOW !!!, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU"

Her 2 small round eyes, stared at me.... and she laughed.. kekekeke....


Neh.. the cane is there ! pointing to the cane !

*kek sei ngor lor*

I gave her a long lecture, among the things I reinforced was :

-Papa & Mama work very hard to earn money
-Earn money to buy toys and books for you
-Many children do not have as many toys and books as you
-Love your books, take care of them

-Mama don't like to beat you
-Mama love you very much
-But you make Mama very upset, very angry
-We work hard for money to buy you things and you spoil them !

She quietly walked to her bed and I forced her to sleep alone while I 'work' in the attached study room to 'earn more money to buy more books' (actually I was surfing the net, hahahaha)

Then after a while, she called out 'Mama ! I scared'

I shouted "GO TO SLEEP". 10 minutes later, I checked on her and she's already asleep, as opposed to the usual sleep routine of singing, climbing all over the bed for 1 freaking hour before she finally knocks off !

For once she slept alone while I happily surfed the net.

I really felt bad and sad for her but I believe in discplining at the right time. She does something wrong, she face the music and I'll make sure she remembers coz I don't wanna be like a tape recorder nagging her day in day out. I want her to be on her guide and know when I'm angry.

I was brought up in a very strict environment. My parents believed in "spare the rod and spoil the child" so we had our rotan moments, bad till I remember it today ... hahahaha. My sis tells me that I have to be 'cruel to be kind'. It's so tough to hit her but this little girl will not listen or obey me, what else should I do. I love her too much allow her to grow up as a spoilt brat.

Sigh.. disciplining our child is tough isn't it ?