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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Trip To The Park

I knew we had to do something when Amber pointed out to a price label (with Carrefour logo, like 2 pointed arrows in red and blue ) and said .. Mama.. Carrefour !

LOL !!!!! She recognize the small tiny logo... clearly a case of too much shopping at the mall for her.

Then, a 'new' park opened at Ampang, a new place for weekend activities !! Hurrah !!!

Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir. Previously a small lake with couple of anglers over the weekend and a rojak stall nearby (very famous one!!!). DBKL took over and revamped the place. Now, it's a proper park with running tracks, 3 playgrounds and lots of stretching and exercise spots scattered around the lake. I think there's a small docking area coming up for paddle boats. (Aiyer .. so looking forward to that)

Staying at Ampang is quite pathetic. Hardly any places to bring kids to and we'll need to take a long drive to FRIM or Lake Gardens. The revamp of this lake is very very welcoming for parents like us.

Amber's friend, Sharon was at our place last Saturday and we all went to the lake. It's always nicer to have a friend to tag along isn't it ?

The 2 girls.. too light for see saw, hubs gave a helping hand.

Tied her hair up, dressed in sleeveless and long pants (to avoid mozzies and knee scratches when she falls)

Oh she had lotsa fun. And SO DID I !!! Whilst hubs and Sharon's mama took care of the 2 kids. I went for a jog round the lake.

Scenic and serene...

Little Sharon had lotsa fun too !!! She's really adventurous and daring.

Amber was a little more clumsy. Everywhere she goes, she needs Papa's help. She's not even confident to go down the chute slides. What to do ? She's been a mall rat all her life. :p
Sunset.. nice view of city and KLCC.

The girls watching the sunset.

Getting dark and time to leave...

Clumzy klutz.. I caught a picture of her falling down.. Luckily I put on long pants for her, otherwise she would have scraped her kneee.
It was a good evening out for all of us and I had aching legs, knees and bums !! A nice feeling though. It's been a loong loong time I exercised.
Before we left, I asked Amber :
Do you want to go Tesco or Park ?
I want to go to the Park !!
She had so much fun. We must work harder and fill her up with outdoor activities than just bring her to the Mall.