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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Save Me Or Herself

Hubs wasn't home and we were having a mother daughter moment watching TV in bed at Channel 311. The show was about a tiger sanctuary in Thailand, manned by monks. The tigers are very tame as they listen to monks chanting everyday.

Seeing her so engrossed with the show, I asked :

Do you want to go there ?
No, Amber scared
Mama wants to go wor.. if tiger bite Mama, would you save me ?
Mama don't scared ah..Amber will save Mama lor...
What if tiger bite Amber ?
Mama save Amber lor..
But tiger bite Mama already, Mama cannot save you.

hmm... that got her thinking... and I asked again, this time to 'corner' her.

If tiger bite Mama, would you save me ?
Amber so small wor.. Amber cannot save Mama
If you don't save Mama, tiger will kill me.. again she said :
Amber small small, cannot save Mama wor..

How ? How ? If you don't save Mama, who will ?
Err... Mama don't go lor !!!!! If you go, tiger bite you, Amber cannot save you because Amber so small. Mama so big and tiger oso sooo BIG !

LOL .... I did it purportedly. I put her in a situation she cannot answer...

She refers to herself as 'Amber' rather than 'I'.
I like it that way. Very 'manja'. My little girl.

We talk and chat and she only fell asleep at 11.30pm. Once in a while, I let her have her way as I enjoy the bonding moments too.