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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Durians - Love It ? Hate It ?

Love it or hate it !

I'm the only one who's crazy over durians at home. Hubs is not a fan, Amber don't like nor dislike and my maid hates durian (but she loves durian cakes,, strange fella)

I will have it 2-3 times per season but the other day, I bought some on impulse and open all the durians MYSELF (abot 6-8 small ones). Hubs 'no eye see' and maid stayed far away.

I read from Cynthia's blog we should use durian crust to rid off the lingering durian smell from our fingers. Must try that.

Though I love durians I think twice before having them. Apart from the high calories, I hate the smells it leaves in our hands and mouth.

Everytime I eat durians, I cleanse my mouth with the ritual in the following order :

- brush teeth
- rinse with mouthwash.
- floss each teeth, DILIGENTLY
- brush tongue
- brush teeth again
- rinse with mouthwash.

No joke, this is what I do, immediately after consuming durians.

Is anyone like me ? Likes durian but hates the lasting 'smell' it leaves in our mouth and hands ?