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Monday, July 6, 2009

Random conversations

Just for records a conversation with Amber.

On the way to my father's for dinner, she threw a tantrum. Hubs threatened to put her down.

You 'lau kai' some more, I let you down now.
Cannot !
Where do you want to get down ? I stop you in front !
Cannot !
Ok, I stop you at the police station !
Cannot ! Cannot ! All the way......... also CANNOT !

Wah.. my 3 yr ++ very clever at arguing already. She tells us we cannot stop and put her down ALL THE WAY to my dad's house wor.. Hubs also 'tak tahan', broke down and laugh. Then the fart knows she won the game, also laughed and then.. no more tantrums.

Besides being argumentive, she's also very caring.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. I told her so and :
Mama, I get mehleesen (medicine) for you ok ?
I go and get from the hairclip box (I keep some children paracetamols in a box with hair clips for travelling use)

Last week when I had bad abdominal cramps:
Mama, go home, I put 'hong yiu' for you ok ?
No need, doctor gave me medicine .
No lar.. put hong yiu, rub rub liddat liddat (show with her palm rubbing her tummy)
Put hong yiu already, not pain lor.

Sometimes she'll touch my dry elbows and knees
Mama, you see, your skin so dry. I put lotion for you ok ? Must put lotion everyday, massage massage liddat, then your skin no dry lor..

One of her itchy episodes asking hubs to scratch her back.
Hubs said : You itchy I scratch for you. Papa itchy who scratch ?
I scratch for you lor... (sad tone)

I constantly worry for her speech after she lost her front tooth. Sometimes she speaks with a 'lau foong' tone. For the record again, 2 words she can't pronounce correctly :

Other than that, she's okay. Now, I hope she won't be laughed upon when she goes to school next year.

I must get my camcorder sorted out asap to record her conversations asap !!!