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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - No More !!!

The turn of events for Jon & Kate Gosselin really saddens me.

I've been following their show Since Epi 1, I subscribe to Channel 733 because I love their shows. I like to see how perfectly they manage their household, how fast they change diapers and feed the kids and those post it notes Kate paste all over the kitchen. I always remember how J&K places each of their sextuplets on to a specially made feeding tables with 6 seating holes and each sextuplets is plonked to the hole. I thought it would be nice if Amber has that feeding table, she can't climb her way out.. lol

Anyway, back to J & K, it's really sad, Channel 733 has announed their separation on 22 June 2009. We'll watch the remaining episodes of a seemingly happy and boisterous family in their daily activities and the parents will eventually separate.

Whilst initial news was J had an affair with a teacher , all fingers pointed at him. Then later news about Kate was estranged from her parents surfaced, we had a different view on her character.

Well, who's right or wrong doesn't matter no more. I feel sorry for the brood of 8. They'll have to contend with their parents divorced and live in the public eye with that fact too. The whole world will now watch how 8 kids fare with parents separated.

Sad isn't it ?