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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homemade 'Mee Yoke'

Homemade mee yoke, har meen, prawn mee or some calls it hokkien mee. By any other name, it's still my favourite. A hassle to make but worthwhile the effort. Not too difficult but takes a long time, weeks, even months before I could come up with a pot of prawn stock. I get my maid to deshell the prawns and keep the prawn heads in the freezer and once I've accumulated enough prawn heads, then we'll have a Mee Yoke Day !!

Honestly, I won't go through the hassle if I don't have a maid !!

Well, homemade is always nice, you can add in lots of 'liu' , ie vege, meat, eggs etc whilst the ones you get at the stalls are very stingy with 'liu-s'

Here's my version of 'mee yoke'

Stock :
Fry prawn heads in oil till dry and fragrantBoil in a pot of stock with 2 large onions for 1 hourStrain stock, discard shells and onions.Add in a piece of pork and slow boil till cooked.Add ikan bilis cube (no MSG) and salt to taste

Boil another 3oogm of prawns in with the stock, remove shell and set aside.

A bowl of chilli boh or freshly grounded chilli (preferred)
Half a garlic, minced
1 tablespoon Maggi belacan granules.
Fry all ingredients with half a bowl of oil till fragrant and turns to 'sambal red' color. Set aside. Important to add enough oil, the sambal should be oily enough to render your soup a nice dark red tinge. I used less oil this time (trying to stay healthy !!!!!!)

and another very important ingredient :
Shallot oil
Fry a bowl of sliced shallots with a bowl of oil till golden

To serve :

Slice boiled pork thinly
Boil eggs, cut to half

Blanch vermicelli and kangkung, add in soup and garnish with egg, pork, prawns, shallot oil and sambal . Yummzzz !!!

The garnishings :

My portion :
Less sambal, less vermicelli and more kangkung !!

A pot of stock is more than enough for 3 of us, so I invited Amber's playmate from the same childcare center to come over for lunch !!!!

This mee yoke dish satifies my craving for mee yoke and it'll be quite some time later before I cook again. Gotta start accumulating those prawn shells !!!