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Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh You Poor Poor Thing !

Today is Day 5 from HFMD diagnosis. Amber has improved tremendously, she's sleeping through the night (phew!!!) and I'll drip in the Oral Aid while she's asleep to lessen the pain.

She refuses any food, drinks, milk and medication on Day 4. Anything to the mouth spells PAIN !! I resorted to feeding her with syringe.

I encourage, explain and coax her. If all fails, then I threathen to send her to hospital. My favourite line is :

Amber, take your medicine
I know it's pain but if you don't take, it's even more painful
Your throat will hurt
Your tongue will drop off
If you don't want Mama to feed you, we've got to send you to hospital, they'll put injection on you !
Last attempt, use 'cane' to threathen.

Crazy or not ? Well, we have to be cruel to be kind. *sigh* I'm really worried for her fluid intake coz if she's dehydrated, she may need to be hospitalized to go on drips.

Poor Poor Amber !

Here's the horrible horribilus ulcer, right at the tip of her tongue and more inside. Aiyer, see also pain, can't imagine what the little one got to go through.

She refused milk, even with straw, everything even nothing hurts her tongue

Agony !!

Then I use syringe to slowly pump in milk, water and medicine, 5ml, 5ml, 5ml, 5ml, 5ml, 5ml, 5ml........... it works, she woke up with a wet and heavy diaper

Amber, can't wait for you to be up and about again. Get well soon my dear....