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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Party

We celebrated the birthday for Sharon & Ya Ya last Friday at the childminders. It was a fun night for us as it's the first time all the parents gathered and get to know each other. We are always in a hurry to pick up our kids, never have time to observe our kids' daily lives and that evening was an 'eye opener' to us. We know Amber feels very at home there with all her kor-kor, jie-jie and mei-mei's.

Sharon and Ya Ya's birthday was a day apart and Aunty Choo, the childminder's mom suggested a joint celebration. Sharon's mom catered food for us and the kids were waiting for the parents to arrive in the evening. Being the host, Sharon and Ya Ya's parents were there first and Amber was eagerly waiting for us, she told the childminder :

My Papa Mama leh ? Not yet come ah ? Why so long ?

When we finally arrived, she was soooo happy and jumping with joy ! She felt very proud of our presence..

The birthday girls, Sharon and Ya Ya

The dish for the evening. Sharon's mom catered 15 pax but it was more than enough for 40 !! We all tapau-ed home too !

The kids sitting in a row, enjoying their meals, fried meehoon, roast chicken, pizza, sausage, lor mai farn, yam cake, curry chicken (less spicy, for kids)

After makan, it's playtime !

Then the parents turn to enjoy the food.
Her childminder is the young guy in checkered shirt. He's very patient with kids and they absolutely love him! We are blessed to have such a nice family taking care of Amber. She's always in good hands.

The kids getting ready to sing birthday song. See my Amber ? She's 'in between', 1 year older than the b'day girls but much younger than the rest.

A happy bunch !

Digging in the cake with their fingers. Look at their faces !! Muakss !!!

Oh.. Amber !!! Just look at you !! Cake tastes much better when you can dig your fingers into it.
We allowed the kids to dig in the cake.. My goodness.. they were sooo sooo happy !!! (esp Amber)

Look at them !!!

Result of the cake attack !
Around 10pm, we had to drag Amber to leave coz she wanted to open the presents given to Sharon and Ya Ya. She refused to let go and made a scene there. Luckily hubs managed to 'coax' her to let go. Too bad I didn't take a picture of her wailing.. :)