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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Organic Patch !

I started growing a small patch of vege on my backyard. Emmm.. actually not me but my maid :) Since she's so free, finish all her task before lunch time and 'goyang kaki' waiting for me to come home, I've asked to start a vege patch. Todate, we have pandan leaves, kaffir lime, chilly padi, mint leaves and sweet potato leaves.

Sweet potato leaf vege (fan shee yip) is my all time favourite. It grows like wild grass. After almost 2 months of planting, I asked my maid how come no sweet potato leaves for dinner yet ? Why ? Not enough to fry issit ? My dear Princess replied : Got! I eat already !!!


lol... aiyo, Miss Sweet Potato herself ate all the sweet potato leaves. No wonder the vege I buy for her moves at such slow pace and some rotting and turning yellow. hahahaha...

Anyway, back to my patch. Last Sunday she harvested some leaves and I fried them for lunch. Taste yummy ! Pesticide and chemical free. Taste different from those sold at markets. Actually, I think they are the same but coming from my own backyard, from the soil we toiled sweat and blood to buy, it has to be different right ?

The little patch. Looks 'botak' after hervesting.

Harvest of the day :

Fried in 3 tablespoon of oil with : 4 pips of garlic, 1 cube of fermented bean curd (fu yue), dash of salt and sugar, add vege and stir fry till cooked. A healthy guaranteed 100% 'organic', non GMO, MSG free dish !