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Monday, July 20, 2009

Her Health & Hygiene

The paeds was checking Amber's records today.

Our last visit was 14 Aug 08. My girl has fared very well the past one year. We've kept her healthy and clean and the childminder did a good job too, if not for the HFMD. Month and month again, I kept reminding myself she has not fallen sick enough to visit the paeds and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

When she was 15-28 months, she needed to see the paed nearly every month !

At 39 months :

Height : 103cm
Weight : 15.5kg

Then she asked doctor to check her ears.

Ears : Very clean. Doc commented on her extremely clean ear canals coz Mama is one crazy ear cleaning freak and Amber cooperates so willingly.

Believe it or not, both of us enjoys ear cleaning time. She'll bring me a torchlight and lie on the bed, head on the side while I dig for gold. Sometimes fruitful, sometimes nothing. We bond together cleaning her ears. She'll go 'yay' when I call to clean her ears. Many a times, she'll giggle and laugh when the cottonbuds tickle her ear canal, then I'll smack her bum and shout 'Don't Move!!" , then we'll both laugh out loud.

Other than feed poor feeding and diet, she's cooperative in her own hygiene.

She goes to the toilet on her own.
If she pees, she wipes, flush and wash her hands
If she poos, she'll call for help, she'll ask me to peg my nose coz it's smelly ..

She willingly lets me brush her teeth.
I think she's too young to brush her own

She's learning to bath on her own for the fun of it.
Yesterday I screamed the house down. I turn my back to fetch her clothes, she used a sponge and Cosway cream cleanser to clean herself. I left it at the bathtub as a reminder to ask maid to scrub stains.

She's obsessed with washing her hands.
Not so good at times. Too much washing dries her hands especially behind the wrist and eczema starts flaring thereafter

37 months, still a long way to go before I can trust her to manage herself, but I'm not complaining, just loving every moment of it.