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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day At The Office

Dear Amber,

You had a whale of a time at office on Friday. You hijacked our stationeries. You thought the puncher was like your bento punchers and you wanted to punch our bank statements. You used my highlighter as lipstick, you attempted making up your face with whatever markers and paint I have. Your playdoh was untouched.

Mama brought you to the bank. We walked past construction sites, you were unfazed with the big and huge construction site next to Mama's office. The 'abangs' smiled at you and you smiled back. We walked down the very long escalator at the LRT station, you were fascinated and kept looking back while Mama kept screaming at you to watch your steps. We stopped by Dunkin Donuts and the kakaks gave you a munchkin sample even tho' they knew Mama would not pay for 22 munchkins ! You kept thanking them endlessly and they gave you another munchkin.

Then came lunch time, we took you to Cheras for lunch and did some errands at Papa's other office. You said hello to all the pretty jie jie's there and they gave you presents. Then we went to the best chicken rice in Cheras, you wanted milk and don't want rice. You created a scene at the shop and I think they will remember you as the little girl who shouted "DON'T WANT!!!!" when her Mama fed her rice. You did not only shout but threw a big tantrum, everyone looked at you.

Ok, then Papa wanted to go back to office and Mama were to send you home for a nap. You were bright as a lark and Mama knew you would not nap. Then we decided to bring you back to the office over the afternoon since Mama had so much to do. You jumped with joy !

We went for coffee and ordered soya bean for you. You spilled it all over yourself and started dancing in the banking hall. Your t-shirt speaks for itself : "Little But Loud".

Then at the office, you continued with your antics. Touching everything and cannot leave Mama's computer alone. Since you did not have lunch (only milk), Mama made some Nestum cereal and played youtube's Michael Jackson's Thriller to keep you occupied. Thriller very scary you know but you insist on Thriller , 5 times again and again and you wanted it LOUD LOUD !! Mama's colleagues thinks Mama is mad, getting thrilled over THRILLER.

Then, since you like to be carried and play baby, Mama rocked you to sleep singing Hush Little Baby. After few minutes, you dozed off .. FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!

The sight of you sleeping in Mama's arms was so sweet and tender, Papa took a few photos :

Then Mama started getting pins and needles from your weight, I put you down on 2 chairs connected, covered you with a jacket and you slept like a baby.

We left office at 5pm sharp for another appointment at Tesco's. You slept all the way there. While Papa met with clients, you helped Mama with grocery shopping, picking and packing tomatoes, cucumbers and long beans to be weighed.
We only reached home at 10pm and you had a very eventful day with Papa and Mama at the office. If we have no choice, we'll need to bring you over to work.
Next time, I'll teach you filing, you can be Papa's little assistant. :)