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Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh No ! She Has It !

First it was Ya Ya, the 2 yr old

She does not attend kindie.

But Ya Ya's sis, 5yr old goes to kindie that was closed for 3 days last wk due to HFM.
Since the 5 yr old did not come down with HFM, the childminder thought it was safe to let the kids play

The house was disinfected with Dettol, mattresses out in the sun and anything washable will be washed thoroughly.

But we were so wrong..

Over the weekend, Sharon got it, she's also 2.
Today, Amber complained 'mouth pain' and refused milk. I checked her mouth, nothing.

Doesn't sound good

I've made arrangements for her at her previous nanny. She's been very kind to us and took in Amber willingly. She only wants me to confirm the # of days I need her assistance and she'll cancel her mahjong plans..

At her place this morning, Amber came down with mild fever. I took her to the paeds.
CONFIRM !!! Mouth ulcers. At least 10 of them waiting to pop like pop corns !

Can't say much about the hand and foot but it really doesn't look good.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed she recovers soon.
I'm planning to catch the tail end of Singapore Sales !!!! :(