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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A 3 Year Old's Mealtime Battle

I really dread her meal times and I think she dreads it more than me. Meal times = Battle , see who wins, MamaPapa or Amber. Most of the time, we give in, she eats at least half, we let her off as I've run out of energy coaxing her to chew and swallow.

and .. she runs everywhere, around the house, to the kitchen and back. I've tried using the rotan but ended up, I also run everywhere chasing after her with a rotan.

Why, oh why ???? Both hubs and I look forward to mealtimes, but not Amber ! Why ? Is Mama's cooking that bad ? I've tried different kind of food ie porridge, macaroni, rice, soup ... she's lose interest after 2-3 spoonful. It's tiring to cook for a 3 year old who eats so little solid food !

Last Saturday, I attempted another approach. Sit in the highchair and nobody's helping her out till she finish her meal and she is to eat on her own.

First 5 minutes, she's all happy and gay, singing song, playing and hardly chewing her lunch :

Then, she gets bored and fidgety :

And starts itching here and there, finding a good reason to get out of high chair :

HELPPPP !!!!!!!

Finally Papa help feed her. Cry all you want. Must finish before she's let out. A real ugly scene, as if we're forcefeeding her :
I can hardly call this forcefeeding. She only had an 8oz milk since morning and lunch is a bowl of fish porridge with ikan bilis, tomatoes and cauliflower. Kids her age are crazy over McD and KFC but mine, will only lick tomato ketchup out of 1 single french fry. Pathetic isn't it ?
Surprisingly, once let out of her high chair, she'll make a dash for her vitagen and chocolates !!!!
Amber, oh Amber, Mama can't wait for you to sit down and finish a decent meal !