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Monday, June 1, 2009

Sneak A Short Break If You Can

For many years, BIL has invited us to Genting for dinner and we've always turned him down. He has lotsa lotsa Genting World Points that's to be redeemed for meals or night stays on weekdays. Hubs turned down the offer coz we do not want to take a day off.

This year, surprisingly, hubs agreed to the dinner at Genting on Friday. We've planned to leave house around 6.30pm with Amber, have dinner, jalan-jalan and come back.

Since I am having a gathering with my school buddies on Saturday and lots of preparation needs to be done (plan, marketing and cooking), I asked to take Friday off to prepare.

Negotiate a bit, I asked hubs to leave work earlier, say 4pm, to bring Amber for a few rides before dinner.

Negotiate some more, I nagged him to leave office by lunch, come home, shower, pick Amber up, let her nap in the car on the way to Genting... I *volunteered* to bring Amber for the rides.

Yay.... now we can have a day trip to Genting on Friday.

*Volunteered* - none of us enjoy the endless rounds of super slow Ferris Wheel with Amber , and the caterpillar, gondola rides... arrghhh... darn slow and boring.... Amber enjoys it and we'll be pulling long faces when she goes for endless rounds. *pengsan*. This time it'll be me while hubs enjoys his cuppa at Starbucks.