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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tesco Recycling Collection Centre

I have tons and tons of rubbish at home. Old newspaper, bottles, plastic containers from laundry detergent, softener ... etc.. the list goes on. I get my maid to keep all these stuff for me in the store room. Almost every other day, I hear the surat khabar lama fella's van passing my house hollering "Sau Kau Pou Chee, Sau Kau Teen Seong, Old Newspaper, Surat Khabar Lama" but I never sell to this fella because they only accept old papers and batteries and for the obvious reason : how am I going to stop the van ? By the time I hear them and run down, before I could open the gate, they are gone, with the loudspeaker blaring "Sau Kau Pou Chee" trailing behind !!! Tsk..

I found a better means of recycling. I send all my stuff to Tesco. At the Ampang outlet, there's a recycling center managed by a group of parapelgics. The returns many be menial but I'm doing it for a good cause. I get to recycle my stuff and I am helping others make a living. The center belongs to Tesco but they sub-contract it out to a parapelgic society. I didn't ask which though. Anyway, never mind.

10am - 1opm, 7 days a week.

Our loaded MPV. There's more stuff in front too.

The 3 guys manning the center. They have a very good worksystem. Due to his immobility, the guy on the wheelchair does the calculation and payment while the other 2 guys will help with weighing and segregation of items with hubs and me helping out.

Their rates. You get nothing for glass but it's better than letting it heap up our wastedump. Imagine how many bottles of soya sauce, ketchup, sauces you consume a year ?

All in all for about > 90kg of recyclable rubbish, I got RM12 !! Better than nothing right ? And for a good cause too.