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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missing Her

It's only morning and I miss her so much.

We are having a long day today and will only be home past 11pm. I've left Amber to overnight at the childminders. She can last till midnight but it's not fair for the childminder to wait for us till so late, so it's better for her to just sleep there.

I explained to her last night that we will not bring her home tonight. She didn't ask much. This morning, instead of the usual "dun wanna wake up and crying" routine, she was well behaved. Wake up smiling, giving me a big hug and changed her clothes.

Hubs sent her off this morning and gave her a hug too. She said "Some more, some more" and hug hubs one more time before she left. Like she knew she will miss us tonight :(

So, tonight I'll have an empty bed next to me. No more waking up in the middle of the night to check if her feet is cold, if she's snuggled up in her blanket or to just watch her sleep.

What's the matter ? It's only ONE night and I MISS MY BABY !!!!!!!!!!