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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lousy Day Calls For Comfort Food

Somedays I just wake up feeling lousy, with a throbbing headache and had to have Panadol Actifast for breakfast. Thursday was such a day and I could not take MC. List of things to do, ie take father for his routine check up and that involves driving the whole morning.

I left my dad at the International Specialist Eye Center at Mid Valley while I go hunt for some proper breakfast to wash down my Panadol.

I wanted to do with just a donut and coffee and I chanced upon the place many moms been raving about - SBREAD. Located at a discreet corner at LG along the walkway to Gardens and opposite Big Apples Donut.

I had the 'Tickle Me Pink' set for RM5.70 it come with charcoal bread toast and yam jam with Pink Barley:

According to the see tau por in charge, the charcoal bread is made from a powdered and toasted Japanese bamboo plant, not easily available at the stores, . Verdict : Toast was fresh, crispy and bitey with bits of sunflower seeds, ie with 'substance'. Yam jam was something unique, with real bites of yam.. Really good and yummz.. thumbs up. Pink barley was just ordinary though.

I felt better after the toast, must be the charcoal effect, absorbing whatever rubbish and toxin in my tummy.

After sending dad home, I had to seek for another comfort food for lunch : Ampang Fish Ball Noodle. This is the best fish ball I had in KL, so far and I'm not kidding. Dont' be fooled by the other 99% of fish ball noodle stalls elsewhere. Most of them buys the fish balls from a supplier + instant MSG laden soup from ikan bilis soup and you get = fish ball noodles.

This stall is ORIGINAL. They make their fish balls from ikan parang, boils the stock for hours using remaining fish bones and makes their own fish cakes. He's off day is determined by the supply of ikan parang. No fish = off day !

Ampang Fish Ball noodle. Located at coffeeshop 'Restoran Chuan Hupp' at Bandar Baru Ampang, diagonally across Spectrum Mall.

My hor fun with additional fishballs. RM5.30. Worth every bite and I drank the soup till the last drop. It's amazing how this bowl of nutritous and satisfying bowl of noodles always lifts up my mood, that's what I call comfort mood.