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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Change of Lifestyle

Since we moved to our new house and started blogging, I've been putting on weight. Not the fault of the house or blogging. It's just me and myself. I like cooking and enjoy trying new recipes. It's a joy when others enjoy your cooking.

I have a spanking new kitchen, the accessories and layout I chose, hubs gave me the free hand to have my kitchen the way I want it. I can't let it turn to a white elephant, so I tried all sorts of baking and cooking and sometimes they turn to very interesting blog topic.

However, when you see how many blocks of butter is being used up and how fast the cooking oil finishes, things gets ugly. Since Chinese New Year, I've been experimenting new recipes,non stop and put on so much weight !

Last few days, I was down with very bad stomach cramps. The pain isn't like any indigestion. It's like contractions that never goes off. I've taken Buscopan, charchoal tablets, Panadol, 5 Pagoda Powder, nothing works. This afternoon, I went to see a doctor. He said it could be mild food poisoning, gave me some meds and 1 advise : You Need to Lose Some Weight !!!

Sei mou ???

I'll have to start exercizing for real or cut down on my cooking adventures.

Or.. do both !

SIGH !!!!!!!