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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bonding With Her, Finally.

Amber has always been closer to hubs since birth. I'm not a jealous mom but I know a time will come when she'll be very close to me. On busy days, we take a shower together. Saves a lot of time and I don't need someone to mind her while I'm at the shower. For the past few hot weeks, both of us took a quick shower together every night.

On Sunday, I had my hands full. We went to the market together, had breakfast, rushed back home to prepare a special fish porridge for her and hubs helped feed her.

Then, I tried my hand at making Chye Kueh.. a big flop I shall not blog about ! It was coming close to 3pm and the little one was still jumping around. I asked hubs to quickly give her a shower and put her to nap.

She ignored hubs.. and many shoutings later, she said :

I don't want Papa pom-pom for me, I want to pom-pom with Mama.

Eh ? Since when she chose me over hubs ? It's always Father's first, Papa's the preferred one.
I quickly finished my work and had a shower with her. Then I asked why she doesn't want Papa pom-pom for her.

Err.. Because Papa is boy !

So ? Boon kor-kor is boy, he also pom-pom for you. Papa also pom-pom for you before.
Only Papa and Boon kor-kor can pom-pom for you. Cannot let other boys pom-pom for you ok ?

oo .. okay..

Hubs said it's just her excuse to have a bath with me. Now I realise, our baths together are bonding moments that she so look forward to. We'll share shampoos and soaps and she'll use the loofah to scrub my back and say things like :

Mama, we share soap ok ? I use your soap ah ? A little bit only.. Nah.. now you use.

Mama, you use my shampoo ok ? I share with you ok ? I share with you because I love you mah ..

or she'll soap up the loofah and :

Come, come, I clean for you , I pom-pom for you :)

So, there are certain things only MOTHERS can do with daugthers ! :)