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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last One For The Road !!!

The ex-CBNers gathered (again!!!) on Friday, before Liz had to return to Singapore. It was Ei Leen's birthday and we took the excuse to gather at Ikano, where Ei Leen works. I took the day off to be with good pals, from morning till night and it sure feels like a long long long time ago that we sit down and talk for so long

After lunch we sat down at Ikea Cafe for the free refill of drinks. We had Daim cake,fried chicken wings, meatballs and roast chicken set. Hahaha.. we are not gluttons by ordering so much food after the pan meen, but we were there from 3pm - 9pm (GOSH !!!) and ordered dishes as and when we feel hungry. I think we used the ladies like 3-4 times too (shows how long we yakked !!!)

It feels so good to catch up for old times sake, we yakked, yakked and yakked and even sat down to do some Mathematics ! You see, Liz from Singaopore was sharing with us how she's managing her son's homework and it ain't easy. We thought how difficult could Maths for an 8 year old be? She showed us an example and we got hooked. Not easy wor !!! Well, for me, I have a few 'honeymoon' years to go before I start worrying about Amber's homework.

We also talked about our lives and I realise it's not to bad being in Singapore. For one, you feel much safer. There's lots of weekend activities to do. They'll meet up in the parks, go rollerblading, swimming at the numerous public pools, jogging by the beach, just so many !!!
Wah Liz, I envy you. Here in KL, Amber only bugs me to bring her to Tesco ! I hardly bring her out for outdoor activities coz it's

1) hot
2) too far to go anywhere decent for kids
3) traffic jam
4) snatch thieves
5) Mat Rempits
6) bad kept parks and playgrounds !!!
7) lousy zoo

and the list goes on... ..... .... ... ....

What do I do with my kid ? We resort to 'shopping indoors'. My girl pratically knows all the shopping centers and supermarkets in town by hard, even their logos. . *sigh*

I have to think of something better to do with Amber. Must apply a supplementary club membership for her. If there ain't good parks, a decent club with swimming facilities will do !! Must get my act up fast. Otherwise, she's gonna turn into a mall rat !!!