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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going To The Movies

This is our 3rd visit to the movies together. The other occasions were :

1st movie : Mamma Mia the Movie. Amber sit through the whole movie. She did get restless after the 1st hour, got down to the floor to dance, luckily we were seated at the last row. The she started disturbing the kakaks sitting in front of us. Luckily they were friendly

2nd movie : 1st day of Chinese New Year. One of those silly, humourous CNY movies. Gosh, I can't even remember the name nor recall the show at all. She was well behaved, there's 14 of us, so she walked over to my in laws and 'disturbed' them.

3rd moview : This is a classical attempt Papa & Mama pushing their luck. We brought her to watch :



Geng mou ?? It was hubs idea. He's supposed to watch with the guys but one after another pulled out, so he dragged me, bil & his gf along. With 4 adults, I think we can handle Amber.

I told her about the going to the movies on Thursday and oh.. she went on like a tape recorder, telling everyone she meets that she's gonna go to the CINEMA to watch TERMINATOR SALVATION. It's really funny to hear her spit out the name 'TERMINATOR SALVATION' in full and she surprised many people!! What's it that a 3 yr old knows about Terminator ? Honestly I don't really know the storyline. This kinda movie is not my cuppa tea, I'm going coz hubs wanna go and wanna drag us along !

So, off we went to 1 Utama today. We took DUKE and somehow got to SPRINT, using our GPS. Toll was RM4 (ouch!!!) but I need to find a better way getting there, avoiding SPRINT. At 1 U, it's quite a nightmare coz it's the start of the school holidays. Put me in 1 U, you'll see a chicken without head. I am totally clueless. Although it's a big big mall, it's not my favourite. I find it confusing and too much to walk. I'll only go there for Zara Kids sale. Give me Mid Valley or Pavillion anytime. I'm so not a PJ person.

Amber was all excited, obediently finished her lunch, took her nap in the car (coz I threatened her, no TERMINATOR if you don't listen to Mama.. ha ha ha ha)

Amber sits on Papa's lap. She stuck to Papa almost throughout the whole movie, I brought all kind of candies to keep her quiet (shhhh!!! If you talk, the abang will catch and take you out of the cinema and Papa, Mama not going with you!!! - hahahahaha).
In fact I was surprised, she was quiet througout the movie. She did want to play with BIL's gf but it was 'silent' play. She's clever enough to use hand gestures and whisper...

My Miss 'Little but Loud'

My little girl, now Papa & Mama can bring you to the movies more often !!!