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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A&W Root Beer - A Real Family Treat

We were at Ikea last Sunday evening. Need to get Amber's playroom up.

Little fart monkeys around the children area while I search for shelves and cupboards for her toys.

We had dinner at Ikea Cafe, food was good, did our shopping, loaded to our mini van and little fart still wants to 'jalan' some more. It was almost 9.30pm and we were all thirsty, hubs suggested A&W Root Beer Float. Gosh, I am thirsty, not hungry, the Ikea meatballs were still rolling in my tummy!

So, we ordered 1 large float to share :

The way I like it... frozen root beer mugs.

My little family giving a thumbs up. Can you see 3 straws ? For 3 of us !

The little fart likes it so much, she slurpped with 3 straws.

And hubs, he took the last sip. "Mmmm fong kor".
Just a simple root beer float is enough to bring smiles to my little family !