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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Air France Crash

Something's bothering me. The Air France crash !

I was never afraid of plane rides. I used to travel all by myself when I was working in the corporate world many years ago and the long haul trips can be quite scary, especially when the plane is going through turbulence in the middle of Pacific Ocean but I had never thought of anything unforeseen other than arriving at my destination asap and getting on my foot.

Once we had Amber, we travelled only to Langkawi, 3 times, via Air Asia. We'll hold Amber tight during landing, just in case it's bumpy. My big mouth always tell hubs: Aiya... you only need to worry when the plane lands or take off. Once it's above the clouds, take seat belt sign is off, it's safe.. No need to worry. A plane usually crashes during take off or landing, how to crash mid- air ?

Yesterday news of Air France disappearing mid-flight got me worrying. I wondered about the passengers, were they aware ? What were their last moments like ? Will they every be found ?

Scary huh ? Plane disappearing mid-flight ?