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Monday, June 8, 2009

Schoolmate Gathering

On Saturday, we had a massive gathering at my place. 26 pax including adults kids and maids. I was so looking forward to this long awaited gathering of my Convent Bukit Nanas schoolmates, we grew and shared so much together, their my best pals ! This is the first time ALL of us gathered as one BIG family. Everyone brought their kids along.

We agreed on a 'pot luck' at my place but I could not resist cooking this and that, dishing out my new and old recipes. We had sooo much food, enough to feed a battalion.

Here's bits and pieces of the day :

My 'signature' curry chicken. Everybody's favourite. I had to use 2 woks to cook 2 big fat chicken. With potatoes and all.. yummy...

My dishings : from top left : golden fried rice, vegetable dumplings, garlic bread
from bottom left : mee siam, durian cake, radish cake

Other dishes that missed the camera : macaroni bolognese, choux puffs with tuna and konnyaku jelly

Pot luck dishes that missed the photography session :
From Keith & Ai Me : Assam Laksa & Prawn Mee, watermelon
From Lizier : KFC
From Ei Leen : Lor Ark (braised duck in soya sauce)

I served the food 'buffet sytle' Cool huh ?

The groups : from top left, clockwise : the hubs, the wifeys, Charn Lim & Vic, the kids

Chee Yoke brought a fondue set. Excellent desert. Kids love it but I think we gals had more than the kids. Yummy !

Dip the yummy fruits and marshmallows to the fondue pot. Am thinking of getting a set too.

Kids munching to prawn cracker

The kids had as much fun as us

Amber & LiZie making funny faces

Our 'preciousness'

You know how it's like when girls gather ? Too much to talk about but too little time. The kids fell asleep while we were still yakking.
Girls, I hope we can meet up again before the school holiday ends. My house is always open and last Saturday was a memorable evening.
Thanks to ALL who made it ! We must do this more frequent !