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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Setting Up Her Playroom

When we planned our house, we allocated a playroom for her. It's a room next to the kitchen and dining and a place we can keep an eye on her.

You know how it's like, you plan and plan and it never materialize ? We've moved in for more than 6 months and her so called 'playroom' is more like a 'storeroom'. Recently we've had friends with kids over and I constantly worry the kids will topple over our stuff which are heavy old AV set, dvd player, tool sets, vacuum cleaner and loads over other rubbish.

My working project now is to set up a proper playroom for her. With proper kids tables, chairs and tables and proper storage boxes for her Playdoughs, Legos and Barbies (psst ... she doesn't know there's a surprise box full of Barbie paraphanelia for her from Yee Yee, my sis in Singapore)

This is her 'playroom' now and all our 'rubbish'

All disorganized..

That's me.. finishing the last bits to her toy shelf and breaking my back too. You know how it's like with Ikea shelves, the instructions are there and sometimes you need to do a 'balancing' act to assemble the pieces and screwing them up together ? Sometimes hubs and I end up arguing coz both of us don't follow the instructions carefully... hahahha...

I hope to finish completing her playroom in 3 months time ! It's a must !