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Friday, June 26, 2009


I never thought a tummy ache could land me in hospital. I've been having very bad spasms on the abs area 2-3 times daily for almost a week. Doctor's medication does not work. On Thursday, early morning, around 4am, I was cringing in pain and could not take it any more, asked hubs to send me to Gleneagles A&E.

The Medical Officer on duty advised me to be admitted and wait for another doctor, gastroenterologist specialist, Dr Jason, to check me out thoroughly. Waited and waited, the pain subsided a bit when specialist came. He suggested a CT scan, ultrasound and on last resort, a scope to view my internals.

Hubs left me at the hospital and I followed the procedures, went for CT scan and ultrasound. Dr Jason only came in to see me after 5pm. OMG, really sien sei, waiting in the room and waiting for another spasm ! However,I was nil by mouth in the morning and later only clear liquids only (for taking the dyes and what nots to prepare for CT scan), so no spasm !
Kek sei ngor !

Dr Jason said it could be some inflammation of my intestines but the contractions were like labour pains that never goes off. He asked me to stay another day for observation but I begged to be discharged. He let me off on the condition that I promise to admit myself in again should there be another painful attack. He prescribed me a double dose of antibiotics and other meds.
He's a very humurous doctor. He knew I didn't have any proper food and hence no attacks, and was happy to be let off, he said : So ?? Are you going Dome Cafe for a good meal now???

Of course not! I just wanna go home to my little girl and hubs.

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the spasms get less and less, otherwise I'll not be in action for a few days!!!

Nothing to do, lying down on the bed, I've flipped The Star front to back like 20 times. I take pictures !

More pictures of the miserable hospital lunch. This was after doc decided I could take soft food.

This is another wake up call for me to take good care of my health. Health is Wealth ! Without good health, we'll burn a hole in our pockets. My total hospital bill came up to RM2500 !