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Friday, June 26, 2009

She Miss Me Too !

When I left her at the childminders on Wednesday night, I went home to an empty bed, only to be greeted by Siaw Tien :

The room is so quiet without the little fart !

Then I checked my phone. I was in a seminar, it was noisy, I missed her call and sms. I only read this sms past midnight :

My little girl could not wish me goodnight. I felt so horrible. She kept the handphone next to her waiting for me to return call after the sms, waited so long till she fell asleep.

Then I was admitted to hospital and could not pick her up any earlier. I asked to be left off early and promised to return the same night to settle the bill. I went home, shower myself clean (H1N1 virus lurking, better scrub clean after hospital trips) and picked her up.

She was so happy to see me, kept hugging me and say :

i love you mummy, i miss you mummy,
tonight i sleep with you ok ?
You working, meeting ah ? hee hee hee hee (laugther of happiness to be home again)

and she even posed for me when I fished out my camera to record those words :

Mummy, later you go to hospital to discharge, I go with you ok ?

Cheeky fart !

My precious !
It's such a wonderful feeling to be missed and loved by your own flesh and blood !