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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Close Call

Dear Father gave us a shock yesterday.
I was at Mid Valley, tucking in to my Nasi Bojari when eldest sis called and told me DF was perspiring very badly and could not stand up. They asked me if I knew of any doctor who attends to house calls. If DF cannot stand on his own, it'll be difficult to drive him to the nearest clinic. I told sis to call the Ambulance immediately. They'll have the facility for emergencies and stretchers just in case father needs it.

Sis called 999 and she was immediately connected to Ampang Hospital. The ambulance came came quite quickly to sis house and she'll direct them to DF's house nearby. On the way to DF's house, ah yee called and said father is feeling much better after purging and vomitting but the ambulance was on the way for DF's house so we thought might as well admit him in to the hospital, you never know what's wrong. In my mind, I was worried of a heart attack.

We quickly headed to the hospital after our dinner. I knew it was not an immediate emergency as the ambulance were there and sis was with him, so I finished my dinner first (teruk or not ??, typical case of eat first, think later)

Looking for the Emergency Room ?

Ampang Hospital, a government hospital is pretty new ( I think less than 3 years) and I was amazed by the size and facilities. It didn't seem like a "hurry-burry-always-busy" hospital to me. It's very clean, organized and smells nice too.

Hubs and Amber. Amber was most 'kan cheong'. Koong Koong is sick, Koong Koong cannot walk ah ? Faster, go hospital, go see Koong Koong !

When we finally found the Emergency Room, DF was in the treatment room, getting his ECG done. They wanted to check his heart as he was sweating and had palpitations. The ER was very cold. DF's ECG reading wasn't very stable coz he was shivering with probes all over his chest.

Amber found a little corner to play at the ER. See the towels on the right ? Please help yourselves if you feel a tad too cold at ER.

Of course our Miss BusyBody had to help herself.

The results came out and doctor could not detect anything wrong with him. He probably felt unwell due to food poisoning and since he's feeling alright at the moment of seeing doctor, they sent him home with a bag of medicines (vomit, diarrhea, cold, sinus, charcoal, etc, etc ,etc - ONE BIG BAG)

The charges ? RM1 for registration. Unbelievable ! This includes the ambulance, specialist, tests done and medication.

So, govt hospitals ain't as bad as what we hear sometimes. At least not for Ampang Hospital, my DF and our family's first encounter with this hospital has been a pleasant one. Waiting time 's not too long too. All in all, DF was there less than 2 hours. I'm just so glad he is ok.

Pssttt.. he must think I am crazy for taking photos whilst he's waiting to see the doctor. Well, what to do, I am a 'blogger'

I took this photo to share how the hospital works. I believe most hospital works this way too. Priority is given to emergency cases. Zoom to view in detail :