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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends over for the weekend.

Amber's favourite playmate , Renee was in town. My ex colleague Amelia and her family came to stay for the weekend. It was a long school holiday for the Singaporeans, they were on their way up Genting Highlands and stopped over our place for one night stay.

I can't think of any places better to bring them other than for food and shopping. They arrived at lunchtime together with Amelia's brother and family who was heading to Genting on the same day but decided to join us for a sinful lunch before making their way up the highlands.

In their last trip here, hubs promised Amelia and her hubs a much better Hokkien mee than the one at Jalan Maharajalela, and so we went to Ayer Panas Hawker Center. I felt a bit bad for the Singaporeans (not Amelia but her brother and family) coz it was a very hot Sunday afternoon, and after 4 hours driving from Singapore they had to go through 20 humps and another 12 traffic lights only to be greeted by a rundown hawker center, serving plates of cholesterol laden, heaped with pork lard plate of noodles ! hahahaha....

The rundown place but yummy mee.
Amber likes Hokkien mee. I love her lips, all messed up from the dark soya sauce. I just love it when she eats anything !

Hokkien meehoon and mee, laden with chee yau char

Our plates, polished clean.

Amber and Renee, her playmate. They have lots in common and imitate each other in everything. Renee eats, Amber will eat. Renee drinks, Amber will drink. Very cute.
The next day, Amber refused to leave for the childminders. She knows Renee is sleeping in our guest room and was crying and wailing when we dragged her to the childminders car. Sigh..what a sad sight. How I wish she had more friends or cousin living nearby that she can play with more frequent.