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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yikes ! Ben 10 is here !

All kids are crazy over Ben10! I vow never to let Amber start Ben 1o craze. She don't watch much cartoons, so she shouldn't get caught in the craze right ?

Wrong !

There's always ''GRANDPARENTS"

Get it ?

They spoil her and Yuen Wen jie jie rotten. Amber so loves to go back Tampin, the moment she steps in the house, it's always MaMa (MIL) this, MaMa that, MaMa gimme sweets, MaMa feed me, etc...

And for the sake of the 2 kids, we'll make a trip to Tesco Malacca. FIL will give each of them RM5 to 'drive car' and if that's not enough, MIL will top up some more.

This time, MIL bought them Ben10 wrist strap each. Yuen Wen is crazy over Ben10 and so, the grandparents bought them each, from one of the stalls at Tesco Malacca.

My girl, who has no inkling what's Ben 10, got hooked !!

Choosing her Ben 10

Hubs wearing the giganto wrist strap on her tiny wrist.

Showing off her Ben 10 !
After a while, hubs & I got so annoyed with the Ben 10 sound, esp in the car.. Sigh.. what to do ? It's grandparents duty to spoil grandkids.