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Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Evening at Gentings

My goodness, Genting is really crowded during school holidays. We went up the hills on Friday, after lunch, I thought we were sparead but I was so wrong. Parking is another issue. You have to set your antennae right and spot for people about to leave for the place was packed!!

We only had a few hours at Genting and decided to get the Annual Pass for Amber. Promo at RM78 yearly, it's worthwhile if you have a kiddo who never gets bored going for the same ride over and over again, day in day out, year in year out.

She has hers and I had to get one too ! Hubs gave me the honour of being her chaparone :(

There's this little ride Paris de Genting, a drive car ride where kids will go up and down the mini-genting-eiffel tower. Amber can go for this ride, 20 times !!!!!!!! I don't mind coz I need not accompany her. There was a long queue for other rides, I manage to coax her to stay for this and the gondola ride (mean mummy!) There's no way I'm going to squeeze and queue for the other rides.

The Gondola ride was the most boring ride ever, I could nap on it if they allow us to go round and round. zz ....

Then later, it was my turn for some fun. BIL brought me in as an invited guest to the Elite Club at Highlands Hotel. .

Entrance to Club Elite


This floor is only for high stake gamblers, really serious stuff. I dare not even peek over the gamblers shoulder for long. They throw in real BIG numbers, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands at each play table. Looking at the chips makes my legs wobbly


They serve food and drinks too.. hehehehe...

and it's darn good food... Premium coffee, cocktails, wine, Haagen Daz ice-cream, roast pork, char siu... the list goes on.. ALL MY FAVOURITES.... This terrible mummy left Amber with the SIL and enjoyed herself with the food (after a full banquet dinner), teruk huh ? We lied to Amber that we had tummy aches and need to see a doctor and left her with SIL.. After more than an hour, Amber was very uneasy, ngam ngam cham cham :

why so long ? why papa mama stomach ache, so long, nnggg nggg haven't come out ? why see doctor so long ????

terrible huh ? What to do ? If I told her the truth, you bet I'm not getting to set my foot in the club!

With our annual pass, I think we'll be making more trips to Genting soon.