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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My clever fart

I like to call Amber "my naughty fart".
Today, i said to her : come here, naughty fart

I'm not naughty fart

Ok, you are cheeky fart.

No ! I am CLEVER fart !

lol !!

Her speech is improving everyday. I was teasing her and I said..

Mama is hungry ! I want to eat your hands !

No cannot ! You eat my hand no more eddy (already). You hungry, you eat rice !

and she has a very good memory of people or visitors she's fond of. My friends Chee Yoke and Chris visited us in December and gave Amber a packet of yummy mini Merci chocolates. Amber only met them once and had a good memory or recollection of their visit. I kept the chocolates and y'day she wanted some chocolates, I had about 5-6 varities but I gave her Merci and she said :

Must eat warm warm ah ... cold cold not nice (Chocolates are best at room temperature)
Here .. i warm with my hands ok ?

This one Aunty Chee Yoke and Uncle Chris give one ah ?

I was dumfounded. I had, Snickers, Toblerone, Borona nougats, Lindt and Merci.. all in mini bars and she remembered Merci was gift from Aunty Chee Yoke and Uncle Chris.

For a 2yrs 10mth kid, she surely has a good memory !

I want to note down those precious growing up moments of her. At blink of an eye, my little girl is almost 3, time flies with a blink of the eye. This blog serves as a diary of her growing up moments and I hope she will enjoy reading when she grows up.