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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year - Pai Nien again

Our evenings and weekends are packed with activities to pai nien our relatives and friends. Amber so look forward to the house visit especially if the household has a dog or puppy, she will surely remember the host.

We were shopping at Jusco and Amber wanted the SIGG water bottle. Cost almost RM100 ! Crazy huh ? Equivalent to my 5 months water bill. Does water taste better from an expensive water bottle ? I don't think so but I'll surely have a toothache (nga toong) if I buy it. Anyway, I think she likes the Spiderman more than the bottle.

Later we visited her cousin sister, Yuen Wen in Cheras. Amber always thinks Yuen Wen lives in Tampin coz they always meet up in Tampin house or restaurants when my in laws come over to KL for dinner. I told her Yuen Wen lives in CHERAS, not Tampin. I guess she understands now.

Amber wearing cheh-cheh's little helmet