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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gatherings, gatherings and more gatherings

This New Year has been extremely eventful. We have been gathering with friends and relatives every day for the 15 days , up till Chap Goh Mei. Kinda reminds me of the 12 Days of Christmas.

The 12th day

The 'gym gang' gathered at our place. These group of friends have been working out together for the past 12 years from KDE to Flamingo, Sweat Club before moving on to Fitness First. The gang has some sort of disbanded but we still make a point to meet up now and then to catch up and of course 'makan'

the gym gang, a few others could not make it. Chris was still caught up at work, CK in Myanmar and Saifuddin in Dubai and ES at home tending to his newborn.

Leslie's daughter, Yuan Shin, she's so adorable, just look at her cheeks and big round eyes !

13th Day

In the afternoon, we headed to Leonard's steamboat party at Kota Damansara. We took a gamble by taking MRR2 as Thaipusam was the next day and traffic is expected to be heavy. Luckily traffic was only starting to build up and we were not caught in the jam.

After Leonard's, we went to Annie's house at Federal Hills. I was very happy to meet up with my ex-colleagues and work associates. Annie's home is really beautiful , really 'wow' factor punya. African timber, nice big outdoor patio and she's a wonderful host, cooking us a 'buffet spread'. I had little time to take more photos, too engrossed with her house and the food she prepared. Too bad I had to scoot off early, I'm expecting BIL, SIL and their families at night.

Rojak spread Annie prepared. The sauce, 'hae koh' is super thick and yummy. I take this picture to remind myself of this idea when I host a party next time.. .:)

We arrived in speedy time, (rushing after getting lost around Tropicana area, trying to find a shorter route from Kota Damansara to Jln Damansara)

When we got home, I quickly gave Amber a shower and waited for SIL and BIL. It's way past dinner time but I got the maid to prepare some fried chicken wings for them. Very popular, all snapped up, straight from the wok to the tummies. Reminder...chicken wing, another versatile and yummy finger food.

Yuen Wen, Amber and their cousin brother the swing. These kiddo's need an adult to swing them, their legs aren't long enough to push !

Yuen Wen pushing Amber in the baby stroller. I kept shouting.. the stroller is meant for baby toy, not for you... if it breaks, your buttock pain pain.. if you don't listen , mama 'piak-piak' !!
Kids, they turn a deaf ear and continued with their fun. Me ? After a while, I just don't bother. might as well join them the drinking and makan session. Chinese New Year , so lou-hei for what ? Right or not ?