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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY - Everybody's Birthday

Chor Chat or Yan Yat - 7th day of the Lunar Calendar is everybody's birthday and we loh-sang for prosperity and longevity.
Hubs invited his schoolmated from Tunku Besar School, Tampin for a gathering at our home. Playing host, what to cook leh ? Scratching my head as my 'menu' is rather limited but my itchy hands were eager to try out the braised mushroom recipe I've learnt earlier.

My menu : Lap mei fan, lor bak, mixed vege and braised mushroom with chicken feet.

The most difficult dish was the chicken feet. I long so much for my mom's chicken feet with mushroom. After her passing 14 years ago, I have never tasted or come across any dish as good as hers. So, I hope the relive the moments of digging in a good 'tong koo kai keok dish'. Eat eat, chew chew and spit out the bones! Disgusting hor ? hahahaha....

Being very adventurous, I deep fried the chicken feet myself. I bought the chicken feet from market, dried them in the sun but aiya, no sun, so I chucked in the oven, with the fan and low temparature mode to dry it. Then.. deep fry, this is the tricky part. Frying the chicken feet is like an 'explosion' in the wok. I've been warned by my aunt and therefore I quickly lowered the feet to the hot oil and covered with wok. I can hear 'explosions' in the wok. Can you imagine what'll happen if I did not use the wok? However, I did place the wok chan or spatula at the side to lift up the wok cover a little so as not to let steam accumulate in the wok.

Once fried, soak the feet in icy cold water. This will enable to skin the puff up before braising with the mushrooms.

Lor bak was the easiest dish, marinate meat, sear in oil with cinnamon stick and star anise. Chuck in pot and leave to slow boil for 90 minutes. It's done when the fatty skin turns soft and melting.. yummmm..

Mixed vege - also an easy and sure pass dish. Just fry and toss with abalone sauce

Lap mei fan - will post later with photos as I'll do another one for Chap Goh Mei gathering.

Hubs schoolmates .

Preparing the loh sang. I added shredded carrots, green apples, teochew mandarins, pomelo bits and lots of grounded kacang. Hubs mixed the sauce from creamy peanut butter, plum sauce and honey.

While we chatted, the kids chilled out...

Later in the afternoon, we went to Amber's former babysitter's house. She celebrates her birthday on the 7th day of the New Year. Amber miss her por-por very much and skipped her afternoon nap. She was all excited and singing Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! all the way to por-por's house.

I think she was most excited when we cut the cake, as though it was her birthday.

She even helped por-por to blow the candles !! lol !!!

It's a fun Chinese New Year for us. We've been catching up with friends, relatives and dear ones.