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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

big big BANG

I was sending my aunts off on Chap Goh Mei and i lost my footing at a stairway landing and fell down, somersaulted, rolled, turned, knocked here, there, everywhere all the way down to the car park, all 10 steps ! Keng mou ? So , tai fan shee, still fall down like that. Aiyo, it was so painful and during the split seconds, my thoughts were :
- oh s*** , I'm falling, must grab something
- scream " AHHHHH "
- s***, cannot grab anything, oh no !
- OUCH ! hit my head! pain ! pain! pain!
- my body 'somersaulted' , die lor... for the life of me, never do somersaults or twist before !!
- I think I'm gonna have m-a-j-o-r injuries, sei for lor
- thoughts of ambulance and hospital ran over my mind
- am I going to slip away and die ?

When I finally landed (can't remember which position !!), I pulled myself together, hubs, sis and aunts came to me. Checked myself, still in pieces, just numb and pain everywhere.

Luckily after a couple of minutes, I was alright and could stand, giddiness gone, except for a bump on my head and cut on my knees. Everyone was very concerned and asked me to go to the hospital for a thorough check,
The thought of hospital on a public holiday and evening charges = very very expensive !!! but I was pretty sure I'll be alright. Well, so far so good except for slight pain on my shoulder, neck and knees. Must seek Uncle Loo for a good massage to pull back the nerves and veins in order. I must thank god as I could had it worst , I could have hurt my back or broke my neck or whatever. God must be watching over me :)

I fell and rolled from the landing above

As if the fall wasn't bad enough, hurt myself again today. I have a food cupboard in the office and one of the doors is broken, I 'lift' the door panel and put in back to place everytime I needed something from the cupboard. I was rushing to fix up some leftovers from home for lunch just now and one of the doors fell and scraped the skin off, near my knees. Now, this is really painful, 2 hours already and I can still feel the 'sting'. Aiyo ! I dread the thought of showering and wetting my legs. Surely, very pain when kena water punya !

The ugly fugly cut !

Clumsy ! Clumsy me ! What's wrong with me ???